Internet Privacy Policy

Internet Privacy Policy

Valwood Park Federal Credit Union recognizes and respects the privacy of its members and other users of its web site and is committed to protecting information on and within this web site with the same safety and confidentiality standards utilized in all member transactions. Valwood Park Federal Credit Union does not sell or provide any member information to any list services, third parties or non-credit union agencies for any reason.

General Use:

As a general policy, Valwood Park Federal Credit Union does not automatically collect personal information from users of its web site. Valwood Park Federal Credit Union does collect and store information on the domain a user uses to access its web site, the Internet address of the web site from which a user links to the credit union’s web site and the date and time of the visitor’s visit to the credit union’s web site. This information is used to measure the number of visitors to its web site and track the route a user travels while within the credit

union’s web site to better serve users through improved design and site navigation.

Member-Only Areas:

Personal identification (e.g.: account number, PIN, password) is collected when a valid credit union member with active credit union account(s) has registered to enter the secure online banking area of the credit union’s web site. This information enables the credit union to regulate access of this information to those who request such access and those entitled to perform transactions on the account(s).


The Valwood Park Federal Credit Union web site may require the use of ‘cookies’, which are small pieces of information a web site stores on a visitor’s web browser. For example, cookies are required to help protect the privacy of a member’s transactions by automatically terminating online sessions if the member forgets to log out. Cookies cannot be used to capture a user’s email address, obtain data from the user’s hard drive or gain confidential or sensitive information about the user. Additionally, a cookie cannot be read by any web site other than the one that set the cookie.

Online Forms:

Valwood Park Federal Credit Union provides online forms and applications to better serve the needs of its members. Personal information provided by a user via any of the credit union’s online forms is used by the Valwood Park Federal Credit Union only to process the member’s request for service.

Email Communication:

Personal information transmitted to Valwood Park Federal Credit Union may be used by credit union staff to respond to inquiries for service or information, or to improve the service the credit union provides. Since email messages may not be secure against interception by unauthorized individuals, users may want to seek alternatives to email when it is necessary to provide sensitive or personal information. Likewise, the credit union will not transmit sensitive or personal information that can compromise or violate a user’s privacy when communicating via email.