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T.R.I. Planning

Our mission is to help our clients make smart investment and financial decisions through uncompromising integrity, trust and personalized service in the same manner we would with our own families. We accomplish this mission by offering holistic, comprehensive advisory services to help clients prioritize and attain their life goals.

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How we can
help you

• Tax Preparation
• Stocks & ETF’s
• Mutual Funds
• Pension Plans
• 401(k) Rollovers
• IRA’s
• Medicare Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Long-Term Care Insurance
• Disability Insurance
• Employee Benefit Plans
• College Savings

Gigi has been serving the State of Texas since 1999 as an independent financial advisor. As a veteran of the United States Air Force, Gigi has obtained her undergraduate degree in Business Management and Accounting through CCAF and Troy University. After working two years in Real Estate Management and Accounting, Gigi obtained the Texas Insurance License and series 6, 63, 7, and 65 licenses. She is certified as an Estate Planner and Retirement Specialist.

Our non-biased approach

Why using an independent advisor makes sense.
Many firms offer investment options, however some may be limited in what they can
offer based on their firms allowance and structure. That being said, many banks and large household name firms have these types of limitations. Using an independent broker/dealer have minimal restrictions on what their advisors can offer. Further, they do not create their own investments so this removes the perception of pushing product. Independent financial advisors understand that clients are the business not the money. With an open architect platform, we truly can focus on the plan and not the products.


How we stand apart.

Being on a team matters.
SagePoint Financial, Inc. is a broker/dealer affiliated with The Advisor Group which has more than
7,000 financial advisors and overseeing $268 Billion in client assets. With our size we can leverage lower account minimums with our institutional money managers and lower fees as well. Being an industry leader, our broker/dealer upholds the highest standard for our advisors in making sure we do what’s right for the client. This is why it is important to have a broker/dealer that not only supports the financial advisor but also oversees compliance so that clients can rest assured their money is safe.

Common Misconceptions of Investing

  • Mutual Funds are the same as ETF’s
  • A Robo advisor platform does the same thing a financial advisor does.
  • All financial advisors charge the same fees.
  • To get more growth, means taking more risk.
  • The 4% withdrawal rules is sufficient for retirement.
  • Planning retirement to age 90.
  • Tax harvesting can be realized in a Mutual Fund holding.

Benefits of using a Financial Advisor

  • Financial Advisors can help identify ancillary benefits to an investment portfolio such as tax harvesting, estate planning, and market volatility
  • Financial Advisors are fiduciaries, meaning they are legally required to put the clients interest ahead of their own.
  • Clients have access to SMA accounts with much lower minimums.
  • Financial advisors can help with Social Security planning, Medicare planning, and estate planning.


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